Happy New Year and Marry Christmas


Today, especially in cold winter months, when degrees go down and stress escalates, we need the ways to protect our immune system and strengthen it. Flu shot no questions does one trick, but how about other threats? Very often comorbidities, dehydration, wet shoes or just a windy weather can trigger a full blown cold with symptoms of bronchitis, sinusitis, headaches and pneumonia. First line of defense is our skin and mucous membranes – keep them intact! Hydrate yourself – it is very important. Water dilutes toxins and helps the kidneys and liver to get rid of them. Do not forget that toxins come not only from outside, but also from within. Our regular day-to-day metabolism produces tons of materials called “by-products of metabolism”. Healthy people can deal with elimination of toxic materials very easily. Compromised, very young or old individuals may encounter potential problems with accumulating toxins and arising illness. Those individuals need extra help in protecting their immune system. Very often this help comes in the form of antibiotics and steroids. These two drugs have tons of side effects, including destruction of digestive tract flora, impaired immunity, and bone demineralization. Liver works really hard to breakdown and detoxify these drugs, adding extra load of workout on your organs.

 We have to realize, that current traditional medicine cannot do your personal job – build and maintain healthy organism. It is in our power to lead healthy lifestyle, avoid or eliminate bad habits, eat healthy and keep your mind and spirit sound.

 Our organism does its job in maintaining healthy functioning pretty well, sometimes however it needs a little extra support in form of dietary supplements. It can be a nice bland of soothing herbal tea bland, a healthy snack in a form of a chewy berry bar or a tightly packed nutritional value of spirulina in one little pill a day.